Enhancing Veteran Wellbeing: RSL Queensland Veteran and Family Wellbeing Centre

The Veteran and Family Centre in Brisbane North is a significant addition to RSL QLD’s mission to improve the lives of veterans and their families. This project involved the procurement if office furnishing to create a conducive and welcoming environment for people seeking support and assistance. The entrusted from RSL QLD has given us an opportunity to be on this task of supplying office furniture for the project.

Furniture Selection:

  •  Electric Height Adjustable Workstation 

This project prioritises employee comfort and productivity with electric height-adjustable workstations. These desks, known for their durable design, cable management, intuitive controls, and safety features, create personalised, ergonomic workspaces for our dedicated employees. All 55 workstations have come with Autex Acoustic Screens to enhance privacy and create a quieter and more focused workplace.

  • Task Chair & Metal Storage 

With the Specfurn Tambour Cabinet positioned at the centre of the office, it provides easy access to office supplies and documents while adding a touch of style to your workspace. In a modern office setting, the addition of a planter box on the cabinet introduces a touch of greenery to the space, creating a healthier environment. People’s well-being is what we prioritise. Choosing our task chairs is a great way to express how much the company values its assets.

  • Comfortable Soft Seating 

A diverse range of soft seating options, including Onda Chair,  Expresso Lounges Chairs and High-Back Chairs in various styles, provides a welcoming and relaxing environment for visitors.

  • Boardroom Meeting Tables and Chairs

To infuse our boardroom and meeting spaces with a contemporary touch of sophistication, we carefully chose the Archy Marble Tan Chairs and meeting table, transforming these areas into conducive environments for productive discussions.

Our client had a vision, and we brought it to life by choosing Autex Cascade screens, which offer highly customisable designs that seamlessly incorporate our client’s brand identity while delivering exceptional acoustic performance

The successful completion of this project represents a significant milestone for Specfurn. We are immensely pound of this achievement and grateful for the partnership with RSL QLD.

Client Testimonial

Here are the kind words from our happy client,

Specfurn Commercial Furniture has exceeded my expectations with their continued project follow-up and support and their attention to detail throughout the project.” – Jarrett Bird, Project Manager.

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