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Specfurn Commercial Furniture

Specfurn Commercial Furniture is Australia’s destination for premium commercial furniture solutions. Based in Brisbane, we deliver projects nationwide (and beyond) thanks to our extensive installer network. No matter where you are in Australia, we can service and deliver your next commercial project.

We specialise in creating productive and unique commercial spaces with our wide range of office chairs, storage, boardroom tables, and much more! Not only do we have an awesome collection of traditional office furniture to suit practically any décor, but we also have a wide range of exciting hospitality furniture, cost effective and stylish education furniture, and a great range of workstation systems for a comfortable and productive office space.

We have over 30 years in the commercial furniture industry and can make your next project (big or small) a roaring success! If you’d like to check out a selection of past projects we’ve recently completed, you can find them over at our recent projects page. Our customer service will exceed your expectations! We have a dedicated support team to ensure your project goes off without a hitch. Our team also consists of some of the most skilled sales consultants and project managers in the furniture industry – meaning we can guide you every step of the way during your next commercial furniture project, from planning to completion.

If you’d like to get in touch, visit our contact page here. We’d love to hear from you and look forward to working with you on your next project!

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We take the time to understand your specific requirements. We understand that every project is unique and poses its own challenges that must be overcome. This is why we pride ourselves on our proven track record of excellent project delivery.

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Specfurn Commercial Furniture – Brisbane Commercial Furniture

Office Furniture Brisbane

Specfurn is based in Geebung, Brisbane. Although we reside in QLD, we service projects Australia wide. We specialise in boardroom tables, office chairs, office desks, acoustic treatment, and much more. We offer free and comprehensive quotes. If you need a few bits and pieces to fill out your office space, or you have a tender that needs bidding for, we are experts in our field. Our customers return to us time and time again because they understand we are the best commercial furniture fitout company in Brisbane. 

Commercial Office Fit Out

Looking for commercial office fit out companies? Look no further, you have come to the right place! We have over 30 years’ experience in the industry - ranging from simple one room projects, to fitting out an entire building with commercial furniture! We specialise in creating fast, efficient, and hassle-free solutions for our clients, without skimping on quality. We understand that every project is different and presents its own unique set of challenges – which is why we offer superior consultation with our highly trained sales consultants. We also have a dedicated team of highly skilled professional installers who will ensure your project is completed correctly the first time around! Did we mention we accomplish projects nationwide? Thanks to our extensive network of installers across the country, no matter where you are, we can delivery outstandingly high-quality projects for your next commercial space. Contact us today here for a friendly chat and a free quote.

Student seating

Student seating is an essential aspect of your student’s success during classroom activities. Students ought to be comfortable to make the most of their learning hours at school. Some great ideas for student seating include the ever popular Mars Chair which allows for students to be mobile in their seats, making it perfect for the modern agile workplace. The comfortable design is ideal for moving around the tutorial or lecture room for collaborative work. We also carry a unique range of soft ottomans which also make ideal student seating for casual settings. Check out the Grass Ottomans which are ideal for creating a fun and vibrant learning environment for students, and are very easily customised on request. Specfurn Commercial Furniture is committed to sourcing high quality and comfortable seating, and our Student Seating Range is no exception!

Office Storage

Office storage is an absolute quintessential aspect of the modern office space. However, oftentimes, office storage can be bland and unattractive which creates a gloomy atmosphere – and we certainly do not want that! Introducing the humble office storage with planter box. These simple additions add vibrance and life to the workspace by allowing the addition of indoor plants. Introduce a relaxed feel to the office environment with the use of office planter boxes in combination with tambour storage. Planter box with storage is a very popular item which you will find is included in most modern office furniture fit outs. We strongly recommend adding these to your quote list if you require storage solutions.

Commercial Lounge Chair

Commercial lounge chairs are the perfect addition to any office, collaborative workspace, or breakout area. Our commercial lounge sofas are available to suit most modern décors. We believe it is a great idea to offer students, employee, and co-workers the opportunity to briefly unwind and gather their thoughts during the workday for increasing comfort and overall productivity of staff. A great example of our fantastic commercial lounge chair is the Lola Modular Couch. If you are after something more unique, you can find more interesting and unusual designs in our Soft Furnishings category.

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Compactus Shelving

It’s no secret that the Compactus Storage Unit is the ultimate in high quality space saving storage solutions. At Specfurn Commercial Furniture, we sell and install these units regularly around Australia thanks to our strong dispatch network. If you'd like to purchase compactus storage units at a great price, visit this link here to browse our online store for the best deals on compactus storage units. Our online store also has the best deals in office furniture with easy delivery nationwide. 

Compactus At Compact Prices

Compactus is synonymous with quality storage. At Specfurn Commercial Furniture, we make purchase and installation of these mammoth storage solutions a breeze. We can assist with all aspects of your purchase including delivery!

Compactus Shelving – Why is it so great?

Compactus shelving is a fantastic space saving solution that is linked together by rails meaning you can easily slide the cabinets out of the way when you require access to files stored away. There is plenty of space that you can use in each compactus unit, and the differences really come down to what configuration and sizes you want the individual storage units to be.

Reception Counters

Reception Counters are a great way to professionally greet your guests and customers. We source only the highest quality reception counters from the best manufacturers. A great way to add a little extra wow factor to your entrance space, the Evie Modular Counter is comprised of a wonderful gloss white and glass top finish, making it a great way to put your best foot forward when greeting new clients. For more information on our fantastic range of reception counters, you can contact us here.

Boardroom Tables

Boardroom tables are an essential component of the modern workplace to keep your team connected over important topics. The boardroom table comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles to match virtually any office space or commercial environment.

Whether you need a huge 18 person boardroom table or something a little more modestly sized for casual meet ups / small teams, we have got the boardroom table for you. Need some accompanying chairs? Why not check out our awesome range of boardroom chairs to go with your table?

Meeting Room Chairs

Meeting Room Chairs at Specfurn Commercial Furniture range from light and portable sled based chairs to complete ergonomic chairs for maximum comfort. If you intend on completing big projects collaboratively over long periods of time, we would strongly recommend an ergonomic meeting room chair. If you require something more cost effective and simple for short uses, we also carry a great range of those types of meeting room chairs as well.

Locker Storage

At Specfurn Commercial Furniture, we stock an awesome range of Locker Storage solutions that are ideal for school storage and office locker room for employee personal belongings. Our heavy duty daily use suitable storage systems are built to last. Our solutions are often water resistant, UV proof, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. A great option is our School Heavy Duty Lockers that are a proven high quality solution.

Meeting Tables

We get it, you’re a new and upcoming business, you need to keep costs low, and you need a cheap meeting room table – we have got you covered. Alternatively, you are an established business, and you need rounded meeting tables to ensure everyone’s opinions and ideas are heard and understood. We also carry folding meeting room tables for commercial spaces with limited room which you can find here. These offer a great space saving utility to your boardroom table and also conserving space if that is a limited resource in your work environment.

Height Adjustable Workstations

Height Adjustable Workstations allow users to sit comfortably at a height they choose. These desks also allow the user to stand during their working hours to alleviate strain on their back, legs, and to increase circulation and blood flow. Height adjustable desks are usually recommended for people who struggle to stay focused during working hours or become restless when seated for long durations. We also recommend using these desks if you have tried multiple ergonomic seating and still suffer from back pain or circulation issues during the day.

How Long Should I be Standing Up at my Standing Desk

It is recommended that you ease into standing at your desk, especially if you have never used one before. A recent post from Harvard indicates that you are likely to develop leg, foot, or back pain should you overdo standing at your desk. Like all good things, they come with time – and we recommend heeding the advice of science and easing yourself into standing. Do what feel natural for you. You stool for 15 minutes today? Great, that is a good start – next week perhaps you can bump it up even further. If you are a seasoned runner, perhaps you can spend your entire day standing if that is more comfortable for you. There really is no right answer here and it comes down to person comfort levels and physical fitness. Do what is comfortable for you!

Ultimate Sit Stand Desk

There is a boatload of cheap and cheerful standing desks, but these products are not something that will last you a very long time. That is why we hand select standing desks that are premium quality. No matter if you are purchasing a single sit stand desk for home office use like the popular Ascend Electric Standing desk or the Multi-User Sit Stand Workstation Systems, you can have confidence that your purchase with us is going to stand the test of time and serve you faithfully for many years to come.

Are Sit Stand Desks Worth It?

To put it plainly, once you go sit stand, you won’t ever go back! In all seriousness however, a recent post by Harvard Medical School revealed that after a meal, it is good to stand at your desk as blood sugar levels return to normal levels faster than someone who is seated. In addition, long hours of sitting are associated with higher levels of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular issues, and other issues. You can read more about this here. Overall, we’d say that a standing desk is just one tool to add to your repertoire of healthy living if you are committed to a healthy lifestyle!