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A Purposeful Space: Oxley Ave, Redcliffe QLD

Let’s dive into a project that’s more than just furniture and layouts. Our recent undertaking falls squarely within this category, representing an inspiring collaboration with an organisation dedicated to mental health and disability support services in Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

Our mission

To create a space that wasn’t just practical but also fostered well-being, collaboration, and productivity. We wanted GP consultations to feel comfortable, group discussions to flow seamlessly, and the work hub to buzz with creativity.


Furniture: The Heart of the Space

Each room had a unique vibe and purpose, so we curated pieces that perfectly suited the function. From comfy consult room seating to functional office desks, we ensured that every piece contributed to the overall flow and atmosphere.

We didn’t stop at functionality; aesthetics played a big role too. We carefully selected colours and styles that brought warmth to the family room, professionalism to the offices, and creativity to the work hub.

The transformation of this multi-faceted space was a whirlwind of planning, dedication, and creative problem-solving. Though we can’t drop our partner’s name, the impact of our mission-driven collaboration is evident in every room.


Client Testimonial

Here are the kind words from our happy client,

Specfurn is a preferred provider of Base BMS. Their range is excellent, their pricing is competitive and their service is second to none.

Mark goes above and beyond to be helpful and responsive, and given the nature of our community work for which budget is often key, works hard to find cost effective selections and solutions for the sourcing and delivery of products, which can have a significant positive impact on the project budget.

The high standard of service continues with the delivery and installation team. They are professional and respectful on site, consistently meet program, deliver to a high standard, deal with site challenges and problem solve when required. They also go above and beyond to ensure the satisfaction of both the client and the end user.

I can thoroughly recommend and endorse Mark and the team from Specfurn and thank them for the important contribution that they make towards the success of our projects at Base BMS.” – Ben Hannon, Managing Director.

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