kiki waiting chair

Extraordinary Fitout- Burwood Rd, Hawthorn, VIC

In the world of office design, each project presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Our recent project is a prime example of how creativity and collaboration can transform an ordinary workspace into something extraordinary. Our team, from the waiting room to the workspace, meeting rooms to the outdoor areas, has done an exceptional job of reshaping the space.

Our customisable workstations, available in various sizes and finishes, serve as the focal point of this project. They seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality, creating an organised and inspiring environment. Notably, the colour palette of these modern furniture pieces harmonizes perfectly with the overall theme.

Every project brings its surprises, and in this case, it was a last-minute request for outdoor furniture. Despite the tight deadline, our team rose to the occasion, sourcing and seamlessly integrating the perfect pieces in less than three days. What truly set this project apart was our outstanding teamwork. Each member contributed their unique skills, resulting in a workspace that exceeded expectations.

This project serves as a remarkable showcase of the transformative power of creativity, collaboration, and dedication. We hope it inspires your own workspace transformation.