Complete Office Fitout – Spectrum Data Systems

Specfurn Commercial Furniture’s latest project, the new Spectrum Data Systems two story office fitout. Specfurn fitted out both stories with height adjustable workstations, super comfortable task chairs, stylish and comfortable meeting chairs, soft seating, tables, mobile storage pedestals, and alcove areas.

Open Plan Office

This project began with SDSI Spectrum Data Systems approaching Specfurn to create an inviting working environment for their new two story office building in East Brisbane. The client also wished to offer height adjustable desks for all their users, a direction that we here at Specfurn wholehearted support!

We wanted to give SDSI employees the ultimate comfort at their desks, so we went with our top-selling Ayre Executive Task Chair in white. Not only does it add a touch of elegance to the office fitout, but it also offers adjustable height options for all users. At Specfurn, we understand the importance of creating comfortable and functional working environments for our clients. Happy employees equals happy work days! So if you’re reading this and are unsure of which office chair to purchase, jump into an Ayre Chair and sit back, relax, and stay comfortable. Trust us, you won’t want to leave the office.

Next, we supplied the office with our popular tube leg SINE 5 workstation system, which allows each user to stand at their desks whenever they please with height adjustable options. Along with providing a healthy work environment, the SINE 5 adds a modern and sleek look to the office fitout. Couple to that our exclusive Autex Acoustic Screens, and you get a quiet working environment.

The Meeting Rooms

The meeting spaces contained our Archy meeting room chair in black, accompanied with our slim line meeting table to provide a sleek and professional look. We also supplied a custom sized table with powerbox allocation. The end result looks great!

Private Offices

Private offices came next. These rooms also included a custom height adjustable desks and Jubel sled based meeting chairs for comfortable and functional meetings.

Quiet Rooms & Breakout

A series of quiet booths were completed with acoustic panels behind the seated user. We also supplied soft seating for employee comfort when taking calls or just enjoying a break.


Ground Level

The ground level was also fitted with height adjustable workstations and Ayre chairs. The office also contained an outdoor lunch room area for eating and relaxing, with our outdoor furniture range.

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Project Lead:

Furniture used:

Ayre White/Grey Chair

SINE 5 – Standing Workstation

Slice Round Table Range

Steel Mobile Pedestal

Acoustics used:

Autex Quietspace® Panel

Autex Groove

Want to learn more about acoustic panels for commercial use? Why not head over to our acoustics website:

Acoustic Panels

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