Belmont Private Hospital – Extension

Belmont Private Hospital is a leading healthcare provider in Brisbane. Belmont recently approached Specfurn Commercial Furniture to assist in providing a wide range of commercial furniture for the new extension they were adding to their premises. We were glad to provide top-quality furniture solutions for the new facility. The scope of the project was vast, ranging from hospital beds, office seating, cafeteria furniture, workstations, wall mounted TVs, office storage, and more. The team at Specfurn worked closely with the hospital to ensure we covered as many requirements as possible.


One of the key challenges was sourcing a wide variety of furniture that meshed well together, but also selecting items that aided in creating a warm and welcoming environment. The team at Specfurn tackled the challenge head on, and ensured the project met the high standards of the healthcare facility, and also balanced form and function.

Hospital beds were selected for their durability and comfort, while the cafeteria furniture was designed to be easy to clean and maintain, without sacrificing style or comfort. Workstations and task office chairs were also included to ensure that staff had a comfortable and functional work environment.

The end result was a beautiful and functional facility that has exceeded the expectations of Belmont Private Hospital. The team at Specfurn Commercial Furniture worked tirelessly to ensure that every piece of furniture was installed to perfection, and that the final result was a space that is both inviting and functional.


At Specfurn, we are proud to have been part of this project, and we look forward to continuing to work with Belmont Private Hospital to provide top-quality furniture solutions that meet their specific needs.