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Onda Lounges

The Onda Lounge Chair embodies ageless character and brings a sense of graceful fluidity to any space. With its seamless design and impeccable craftsmanship, this chair effortlessly complements and enhances any style, adding a touch of elegance that is truly captivating. Elegant and refined, the Onda Lounge Chair possesses a subtle edge that sets it apart from the rest. Its harmonious lines and graceful curves create an aesthetic charm that leaves a lasting impression on all who encounter it.

  • Available in single and double seater options to suit various seating needs
  • Supported by a sturdy timber 4-leg base that exudes natural warmth and sophistication
  • Moulded tub design provides ergonomic comfort and aesthetic appeal
  • Fully upholstered tub offers a seamless and inviting seating experience

Product Specifications


  • Choose from an exquisite range of upholstery options, including house fabrics, premium leathers, or provide your own fabric for a personalized touch.
  • The base features a stained timber finish, adding a touch of natural beauty and elegance.
  • Two-tone upholstery is available for those seeking a unique and customized look.
  • Stocked in Grey fabric for swift delivery and immediate enjoyment.
  • Embrace the timeless sophistication of the Onda Lounge Chair and let its ageless character transform your space. Whether placed in a contemporary office, a luxurious living room, or a sophisticated lounge, this chair elevates the ambiance and creates an atmosphere of refined elegance. Choose Onda today and experience the enduring charm it brings to your surroundings.