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Freetrack Compactus Stortage Units

The Freetrack Compactus Unit Freetrack provides high capacity in-office storage together with speed of access

Product Specifications


  • You can tailor a system to suit your available space by simply cutting the tracks to the required length
  • No timber infill or floor fixing is required so Freetrack is easy and cost effective to install, relocate or reconfigure
  • Application – Ideal for low to medium use, high capacity office storage
  • We will design a Freetrack Compactus Storage Solution with the options you require for your application


  • Floor Fixing/Track Infill – No
  • Drive Type – Push Pull
  • Max Movable Block Load – 1 tonne
  • Max System Depths – 2400mm
  • Bay Heights – 1875, 2175, 2400mm
  • System Overall Heights – Add 65mm to bay height
  • Bay Carrying Capacity – Up to 500kg
  • Bay Width Clear Entry – 750, 900,1050, 1200mm
  • Bay Clear Depth – 300mm
  • Shelf height – 250DE, 300, 400, 450, 500, 600mm
  • Shelf Carrying Capacity – 30mm Shelf up to 130kg, With stiffeners – 240kgs
  • Shelf Pitch – 25mm
  • Unique Tracks -“Low profile” tracks reduce trip hazards and provide trolley and wheelchair access
  • Tracks can be spliced allowing for extension using existing components. Stability In-built anti-tilt mechanism means
  • Tracks do not require fixing to floor surfaces and units do not require overhead stabilisers

Australian Made

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