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Parchive Compactus Units

Archive Compactus Unit is a state-of-the-art, high volume storage unit

Product Specifications

Its variable gearing enables the operator to move very heavy loads of up to 35 tonnes with absolute ease.
Designed to exacting standards to stand the test-of time, it is the leading system for the long term storage
of items in archives, museums, libraries and galleries. Rails are used to distribute floor loads equally.

The unique Inco rail has a convex shape to accept the concave rim of the guide wheel. Rails can be installed on an existing finished floor.

Rails are laid in conjunction with a purpose designed flooring system, to create a level surface between rails and floor.
The height of the floor is usually 40 – 50mm above floor level.

Specifications & Construction

  • Length is Our Strength Bases are available in a wide range of sizes up to 12m. Bases are crank-driven to move loads up to 35 tonnes.
  • Anti-Tilt An anti-tilt device located on the base prevents the unit from tilting. An overhead stabiliser can be added if additional anti-tilt safety is required.
  • Positive Drive There are drive systems with alternative gearing ratios that ensure effortless movement regardless of the weight of the contents or the number of bays.
  • In-Built Safety Features The drive mechanism incorporates a safety clutch system that limits the operating force and protects the operator from injuries caused by backlash of the drive system.

We will design a Parchive Compactus Storage Solution with the options you require for your application.

Australian Made

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