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Power Compactus Units

Power Compactus Unit Power3 offers high capacity storage with a wide range of intelligent operating functions controlled through a one-touch pad

Product Specifications


  • Ideal for the bulk storage of documents or items that are frequently accessed or where longterm security of the stored items
  • is a priority, Power3 incorporates all the security features of Archive with additional intelligent safety and security functions
  • OH & S Conscious In today’s Occupational Health and Safety conscious environment, Power3 eliminates risk of operator strain and injury
  • Power3 can be linked to climate control, lighting or fire alarms. It also has a night time setting option


  • Motor Current Monitoring System (MCMS) As a standard safety feature all Power3 control systems incorporate the MCMS
  • This system monitors the electric current being utilised by the motor
  • When the system detects a change in the current due to pressure against a moving mobile the MCMS control system issues
  • an emergency stop command and the mobile movement ceases
  • Safety Plinth The safety plinth enables persons in a closing aisle to stop the moving mobiles
  • By kicking or hitting the lower part of the plinth, the main power to the motors is cut off
  • Objects left in the aisles will activate safety plinths causing the power to cut off
  • A safety plinth can be applied to one or both sides of the aisle. The safety plinth acts as an alternative to the infra-red photo cell
  • Infra-Red Photo Cell (Option) When an aisle is closing and the photo cell infra-red beam is interrupted
  • by an object or person the main power to the motors is cut off. Photo cells can be applied to one side or both sides of the aisle
  • Motion Detector (Option) The motion detector is an infra-red motion sensor; when it detects motion in the aisle the aisle cannot be closed for a certain period of time (one or two sensors can be used per aisle)
  • We will design a Power Compactus Storage Solution with the options you require for your application

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