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Jasper Mount Monitor Arm

The Jasper Mount Monitor Arm offers effortless adjustability and is the perfect screen solution for both single and dual screens. Its design is continually focused on the real needs of users, easily enhancing the functionality and productivity of any workspace. A great feature of the Jasper is that there’s no need to remove the original screen to upgrade; simply order an additional extension arm and slide it onto the post for a simple and hassle-free workspace enhancement.

  • Support for single or dual screens, with a maximum weight of 6.5 kg each.
  • The ability to tilt the screen up to 80 degrees back and 10 degrees forward for optimal viewing angles.
  • Button-touch adjustability for easy manipulation.
  • Available in black, silver, and white
  • Horizontal reach: 456mm
  • Vertical adjustment: 210mm
  • 12-year warranty
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