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Triple Monitor Arm with Sliders

The Triple Monitor Arm With Sliders is a  triple display combination attached to a 400mm post. It provides an extended arm length thanks to the display sliders attached to the outer arms. Display height, optimal viewing angle and orientation can be set to individual requirements. Built from lightweight and yet durable aluminium, the mount can be easily recycled at the end of its life.

This solution is part of the modular family and consists of the following individual components:

1 x post, 2 x display arms with 2 x sliders and 1 x display arm.

Choose your preferred desk fixing option (not included).

Ideal for: Flat or curved displays up to 27”. The extended span of the two 710mm arms with the display sliders accommodates three 27″ monitors in a landscape orientation providing a generous cockpit angle up to 25 degrees for immersive experience. Perfect for gaming applications such as sim racing.

Flat screen monitors: maximum load up to 7kg per monitor

Curved screen monitors: maximum load up to 5kg per monitor

Improves ergonomics of any workplace and saves valuable desk space

Modular, adaptable and upgradeable design

Easy to install and re-configure with quick display release and arm fixing mechanism

Built-in optional arm rotation limiters to prevent interference with walls, partitions or other displays

Made of durable aluminium that can be easily recycled at the end of life

Advanced cable management

Choice of desk mounting options

Available in Silver, Black or White finish

No matter if you are located in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, or anywhere in between, we can deliver our great MONITOR ARMS Australia wide!

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