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SpacePod 2-Person Booth

The SpacePod 2-Person Booth is the perfect solution for those who need a private and quiet workspace for two people. The exterior of the booth is constructed from high-quality powder coated steel, providing durability and a sleek appearance. The sound control glass door and rear panel ensure excellent noise reduction, with a Speech Reduction SGS rating of 30.99 dB.

The interior of the booth is made with a laminated Birch Plywood frame and table, making it both strong and visually appealing. The spacious dimensions of 2200 x 2200 x 1200mm provide ample room for two people to work comfortably. The booth is equipped with two silent fans that circulate 2m3/minute of air, providing a comfortable and breathable environment. Sensors and lights are also included for added convenience.

To keep your devices charged and ready to use, the SpacePod 2-Person Booth comes with USB Type A and C charging ports, as well as a universal power socket. With an assembly time of 90 minutes, you and a colleague can start working in your new private workspace in no time.

Product Specifications

SpacePod 2-Person Booth

  • Powder coated steel exterior
  • Sound control glass door and rear panel
  • Laminated Birch Plywood Frame and Table
  • 2200 x 2200 x 1200mm
  • 30.99 dB Speech Reduction SGS rating
  • Silent Fans with 2m3/minute air cycle
  • Sensor and lights
  • USB Type A and C charging with universal power socket
  • 90-minute assembly time