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Lava Ottomans

Ignite Your Space with Modern Versatility. The Lava Ottomans are a vibrant and dynamic addition to your seating options, infusing a sharp and modern touch into any environment. Designed with versatility and flexibility in mind, they effortlessly enhance workspaces, study areas, as well as breakout and waiting zones.

Key Features:

  • Proudly made in Australia, ensuring exceptional craftsmanship and quality
  • Available in four different sizes to suit various seating needs and spatial requirements
  • Fully upholstered for a comfortable and visually pleasing seating experience
  • Boasts a sharp contemporary design that adds a touch of modernity and style


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Product Specifications

Unleash the fiery energy of the Lava Ottomans and watch as they ignite your space with their modern flair. Perfectly suited for various settings, these ottomans offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Whether used individually or combined, they provide versatile seating solutions that adapt to your evolving needs. Elevate your space and infuse it with a bright spark by choosing the Lava Ottomans today.


  • Customize your Lava Ottomans by selecting from a wide range of upholstery options, including house fabrics, premium leathers, or providing your own fabric for a personalized touch.