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i.am Multi Leg Table

The i.am Multileg Table can be customised to create the boardroom table that you need


Product Specifications


  • i.am is a totally flexible and versatile table base that provides a complete family of product options for the commercial environment
  • i.am can accommodate desks and tables with a variety of topwidths and to an infinite length
  • By adding frame spacers, legs and feet, the possibilities with i.am are endless
  • i.am is aware of the responsibility for recycling
  • The i.am range has been designed to be environmentally friendly and is manufactured using recyclable materials including steel, aluminium and polypropylene
  • i.am is easily disassembled for the recycling process


Additional information

Weight 0.00 kg
Dimensions 0.0000 × 0.0000 × 0.0000 cm