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Pinboard Wall Tiles

Pinboard Wall Tiles are a sound absorbing solution for educational, work and creative spaces where noise levels can be distracting.

These Pinboard tiles are available in a range of over 10 classic colours and 2 simple shapes and sizes. Walls can easily be transformed into acoustic notice boards by taking advantage of it’s pinnable and hook-and-loop receptive surface, providing the perfect complement for open-plan spaces. Available with a peel and stick backing making it easy for anyone to install. For commercial installations covering large area, product can be safely used with any construct glue, in existing spaces (retrofit applications) or part of a new fit out/design. Custom shapes welcomed with minimal turn around times.

The panels have sound absorbing properties that help to dampen a portion of the sound that travels horizontally. As a result they offer both a functional and an attractive element to any space.

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