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Motion Loop Straight Backrest

  • The Motion Loop range allows for endless layout possibilities to suit any environment. Creating waiting room areas or collaborative zones is easy with simple loop forms.
  • Fabric Qty based on 1500mm wide
  • Outside Fabric: 1.1m
  • Inside Fabric: 1.2m
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Product Specifications

Introducing the Motion Loop range, a versatile and flexible solution for creating waiting room areas or collaborative zones in any environment. With its simple loop forms, the Motion Loop range offers endless layout possibilities that can be easily customized and arranged to fit any space.

The Motion Loop range is available in a variety of fabrics, with 1.1m of outside fabric and 1.2m of inside fabric based on a width of 1500mm. Its sleek and modern design provides a contemporary look that’s sure to impress.

Upgrade your space with the Motion Loop range today and enjoy the flexibility and versatility it offers.