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FUSION Workstation Systems

The “FUSION” Workstation System is a modern, simplistic design that creates the desired look and function for any commercial environment.

Product Specifications

It can be tailored to suit each workplace environment with the option of 90 degree 4 way pods, 120 degree 3 way pods and straight linea runs.

Create Your Desired Look & Function

Screen hung work tops are a feature of the “FUSION” system leaving the under side of your workstation clean and clear of legs and clutter. With the screen at 50mm in thickness, it accommodates Cat 5 & 6 cabling, can be mid or skirt ducted and powdercoated in your choice of colour, giving the system maximum flexibility and different panelling options to create the desired look and function.


Each panel can be upholstered in any fabric of choice with the option of a pinnable surface if required. Function walls, glass and whiteboards can be set into the panels in addition to shelves and paper trays to create the ideal workspace for every employee.

The “FUSION” Leg

The System shown, features the angled “FUSION” adjustable leg with swivel foot, an example of elegant and simplistic design which gives the screen system a modern edge. The leg is also available in a straight model and can be powdecoated in the colour of your choice.

Additional information

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