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Divider Screens

Across the country, classrooms and work spaces are being transformed into engagingvibrant spaces that facilitate collaborationcreativity and independent learning.

These Screen Dividers are designed to:

  • Be mobile, flexible, varied and connected
  • Support opportunities for students or colleagues to learn independently and in small and large groups
  • Support collaborative learning and teaching for students and teachers
  • Provide students with choice in where and how they learn
  • Adapted to accommodate learning modes and technology
  • provide optimum learning conditions such as temperature, light and acoustics

All of these screen dividers are are portable acoustic privacy screens specifically designed to create (temporary) individual work spaces within a collaborative work area – complementing the teaching style and the new furniture.

No more need for flimsy cardboard dividers that constantly need replacing. They also come with a 5 year warranty.

The addition of the whiteboard surface now allows students to brainstorm, share their ideas, present to the class, as well as concentrate in a private zone.