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Designer Colour Whiteboards

Everything in your office has colour! So .. why should your whiteboards be just ? white ?
Our Designer Range of whiteboards give you the freedom to choose the colour of your whiteboard for any modern corporate environment
Slim aluminium frameless L frame 12x12mm in satin silver all you really see is the whiteboard the frame is just about invisible from front on
You have the choice ! Why should your whiteboard .. be just white ?
Our NEW range of fantastic colours (non magnetic with a 5 year minimum warranty) add a real sense of style !
And to compliment our Whiteboard Designer Range ? there is also Designer Noticeboards ..
Colours Available

600 x 900mm – 900 x 900mm – 900 x 1200mm – 1200 x 1200mm – 900 x 1500mm – 1200 x 1500mm
900 x 1800mm – 1200 x 1800mm – 1200 x 2000mm – 1200 x 2400mm – Special Sizes are also available

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